Anonymous sent: COME BAAAAAACK

I mean I made a post about my new account, linking it and all

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Woah when the hell did these get here

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You know what’s funny?
A dog eating peanut butter.

You know what’s even funnier? 
People running into cellophane’d doorways.

You know what’s HILARIOUS?
I’m moving to a new Tumblr.

Making it has been the reason for my inactivity, and now that it’s up and ready to go, I will not be posting here anymore. I won’t delete it or anything here, though. Maybe later down the road, but not now.

I’ll be unfollowing everyone here, and most likely re-following everyone there. Feel free to do the same, or not. ‘Cause that’s chill, too.

You can find the new place HERE.

'Til then!

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Someone tell me to stop posting here and just ____ __ ___ ____ already

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quits everything

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i cant

i cant even

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What in the actual fuck

why is my ex suddenly watching AskFullmetal?

she never did even when we were together??

im so confuse

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Watching Little Bear omg

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Oh, and here are the lovely matching burns the iron gave me. :’D

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The sleeves are DONE! As are the modifications on the top I got. Meaning, once I repaint my hat’s pupils, my Enderman cosplay is COMPLETE.


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